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Black History Month

Reflecting on Black History Month

February 2024 marked a significant milestone in my journey of self-discovery and community engagement, as I participated in Black History Month celebrations for the first

Black History Month

Inspiring Black Flourishing

Black History Month   February 2024, my first ever involvement in black history month in any capacity. Not because I was unaware of it, but

Why You Should Start A Blog

One Year Blogging   In reality when I look back, I have been writing a blog since the start of 2022, but officially released the

How Networking Got me My Last Job

How Networking Got Me A Job

I think I speak for many people when I say getting a job as a University student is getting harder! Everyone is in the pursuit

Young Eye Initiative

The Young Eye Initiative

Many people ask me what the Young Eye is? How is it a foundation? Why is it a podcast? Why have you launched the Young

Family visit to South Africa

Family Trip to South Africa!

My family and I went on an unforgettable 6-day adventure exploring the great cities of South Africa – Johannesburg and Cape Town. Our journey began

Adopting a school

Adopting a school in Uganda

Making a Difference   This time I can confidently say we adopted a school, working the community to create an environment conducive enough for learning.

How to spot a scam

How to Spot and Avoid Scammers

Stay Safe Online   How do you spot and avoid getting scammed? My previous blog “Don’t make the same mistake I did” highlighted the story

How I Started my Foundation

How I started my Foundation

What was I thinking starting a foundation at 17? Well, the genesis of it all is that it started off as a self-initiated project for

Donation and Charity

Why You Should Donate?

” To donate, please click here. Today, I’m writing to ask you to support this cause. By donating this amount, you can change his/her life.

Coop in Canada

My First Job in Canada

“Nothing worth having comes easy”, my first co-op job described in five words. I applied to exactly 23 jobs in 3 months. Invited to only

Canadian Visa

Applying for a Canadian Visa

The Canadian visa application process, particularly for prospective international students, can be challenging due to the required documentation and lengthy processing times. If you’re planning