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The Young Eye International pod is 5 episodes into its second season and with a total of 13 episodes to date! A huge milestone for the team and myself in regard where we want to go with the podcast and our overall vision for it. This season with support from UW Office of Research, Velocity Incubator and LiftOff by CCAWR we are creating a space through the podcast to create a socially connected world. How?  The guests we bring together stand out for their ability to weave together diverse narratives and inspire us with captivating stories.

This blog is a moment for myself to reflect on some of the great conversations we have had and share some insights.

The Episodes


Our first stop introduced us to Naomie Seh Abomo, a Civil Engineering student at the University of Waterloo, whose passion for ‘building’ extends far beyond the realm of engineering. For a first episode, this was particularly interesting and that is because as friends it did not feel like just a podcast, but a space to get to know Naomie. I saw the  interplay between diversity, representation, and her entrepreneurial aspirations in the field of engineering and beyond. She shared with us her online space she uses to inspire her peers “Sehintific” and with all this her curiosity and seeking support resonates as a guiding principle for navigating the complexities of life.

Naomie Seh Abomo

From the realm of engineering, we made a 360 degree flip into the world of music and art with Lowenna Barungi. As a Ugandan-born singer and student at UW, and the first Ugandan I met at UW, her journey is a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one’s passions. Her story truly unfolds like a symphony, from navigating Canada as an international student to her determination and the unwavering belief in the possibility of dreams. Look out for her music and many aspects of her career!

Lowenna Barungi

This connection with the previous episode made sense because, we delve into the realm of artivism with Randell Adjei, the founder of RISE Edutainment. Through poetry and spoken word, Randell harnesses the power of storytelling to effect societal change. His experiences growing up in Scarborough, being a university student and how they motivated him to create something that brings together people through art. As a Ontario’s first poet laureate it is a testament to the impact of art in shaping hearts and minds.

Randell Adjei

Leaving the world of art behind briefly, one of my favourite topics was explored – social entrepreneurship with Daria Margarit, co-founder of Safi. Safi is a social enterprise on a mission to revolutionize milk safety in East Africa with the world’s first milk pasteurization device. A great interview that reminded me of the power of impactful entrepreneurship and how my peers are just as determined to have positive change. Her words served  as a gentle reminder to approach challenges with a sense of open mindedness – a Canadian making impact in East Africa.

Daria Margarit - Young Eye Podcast

Our journey on the second season so far, culminates in the realm of visual storytelling with Carol Spooner, a seasoned photographer with 15 years of experience, lens captures the essence of diversity and creativity. She shared with us her story and motivation behind getting into photography and at the root of it all is the need for representation – a theme throughout the episode. But, from glamour shoots to personal branding, Carol’s work has evidently transcended boundaries beyond Kitchener, Waterloo to the greater Toronto area, weaving together stories of identity, resilience, and the importance of community.

Carol Spooner

Stay Tuned


As the team and I continue to reflect on the stories shared on the Young Eye International podcast this season, we are reminded of the diversity of human experiences and how sometimes they might all be interconnected. Each conversation serves as a beacon of inspiration, and hopefully as a guide on our own journey of self-discovery and growth. From the team to YOU, continue to tune in, listen, and be inspired by the voices that echo through the Young Eye International!

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