Why You Should Not Be Afraid to Fail?

Why you should not fear failure

Failure.  A word that carries the weight of disappointment, shame, and fear. But so many people in their different social classes have always said to me: “What if I told you that failure isn’t the end of the road?” And then they go on to say, what if I shared a personal journey on how I navigated my greatest failures and still kept my head above the water? The answers and stories I got are inspiring, and this blog intends to pull together what I have heard from different people and how embracing failure can lead to remarkable growth in your life.

The Fear That Held Me Back


Growing up, I used to be terrified of failure, I always wanted to win and get the best out of every situation. I have lived a large majority of my life meticulously planning every step, ensuring that I’d never face that dreaded F-word (Failure that is…haha). I always believed that if I avoided failure, I would also avoid the pain and embarrassment that comes with it. But, little did I know, this fear was holding me back from truly living and enjoying the journey of creating all the initiatives I have so far.

Redefining Failure


I started to reevaluate my perception of failure. Rather than seeing it as a dead-end, I began to view it as a stepping stone. I started learning how to become intentional with reflecting and letting things go quickly, because they were weighing me down mentally and emotionally.

Failure started to become the teacher I never appreciated. There were a multitude of lessons it taught me, created opportunities for personal growth, and a chance to be intentional about writing my story.

The Growth Mindset


Adopting a growth mindset was a pivotal moment in my journey. I started to believe that my abilities and the hidden skills I had could be developed through dedication and hard work. This shift allowed me to see challenges as opportunities to learn, rather than threats to my self-esteem. This is where the growth mindset started to develop and I learned how to become more goal-oriented and outcome focused.

This helped me discover how to follow my passion, and my blog on what this means can be founds here: What does it mean to follow your passion?

My short Example


Let me share a personal story that exemplifies the power of embracing failure. Two years ago, when we launched the Young Eye on TV, the feeling was that it was going to be a success. The plans did not go in the way we imaged or predicted, we struggled to keep the momentum going, simply put, we failed.  I remember I was leading a team of six at the time and during all this, it was hard to stay composed, and I remember considered giving up everyday we did not make any progress. However, I reminded myself and the people around me that failure was an option, but quitting was not. I told myself, I started this and I need to see it through one way or another, and to this day, I have found the alignment and are slowly discovering it’s true purpose.

One day this story will be unveiled in its entirety. It was not as easy as I have put it.

The Lessons in Failure


Failure taught me crucial life lessons. It taught me to:

  • Take Risks: Calculated risks lead to innovation and progress. Those of you that know me, know I have a huge risk appetite, it can be both a bad and a good thing.
  • Persist: Success often lies just beyond the point where most people give up, and everyone’s definition of success is different. I will not sit here and lie that I have reached my personal definition, but I hope that on this journey it will come to be.
  • Adapt: Change is the only constant, and flexibility is a superpower.
  • Be Humble: Success is sweeter when you remember your roots. There is a saying that there is greatness in humility.
  • Inspire Others: By sharing my failures and triumphs, I can inspire others on their journeys.

The Freedom in Failure


Simply put, don’t be afraid to fail. Embrace it. It’s the path to personal growth, self-discovery, and a life well-lived in my opinion. Remember that success is not the absence of failure but the ability to learn, adapt, and grow from it.

So, I challenge you: What’s one thing you’ve been too afraid to try because of the fear of failure? Take that leap. Embrace failure as a friend and mentor. You might just discover a strength within you that you never knew existed.

In sharing your personal journey and the transformation you experienced by embracing failure, this blog post aims to engage and hopefully inspire you to view failure as a stepping stone towards personal growth and success.


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