Applying to Canadian Universities PT.1

Growing up, I had a clear dream – to run down the touchline with Peter Drury screaming my name in the floodlights of Old Trafford – my all time favourite teams stadium. However, life often takes us on unexpected paths, and I never thought I would end up studying in the cold of Canada. Nevertheless, as I learned and understood that everything does happen for a reason, I found that it’s essential to adapt and stay focused, as these are the keys to success and are keys I use on a regular basis.

My decision to apply to study in Canada was partly influenced by the presence of family and friends in the country, as my family and I believed it would make more economic and social sense to be in an environment that is not a complete polar opposite of home. After researching the different provinces and territories in Canada, I decided that Ontario would be the best option for my further education and out of the 5 Universities I applied to – University of Waterloo was the one I went with. A story will be told one day about my desire to study Biomedical Engineering and the chronicles of being rejected by multiple universities.

The process to apply to universities in Canada was not straightforward, but thankfully, the guidelines set in place made the application easier to navigate. The first step was to access the Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC) online platform, which allows prospective students to choose from a wide range of Ontario universities.

As an international student, you can access the OUAC platform through this link. As a local Canadian student, you can use this link.

After accessing the OUAC platform, I followed a series of steps that included creating an account, selecting my program and associated university, submitting and paying for my application, and proceeding to the next steps with the specific university.

In a series of blog posts, I’ll break down each of these steps in detail, with a personal touch on how I navigated the application process. By sharing my experience, I hope to simplify the process and offer guidance to anyone interested in applying to study in Canada. Whether you’re an international student like me or a local Canadian student, understanding the application process can help you make informed decisions about your future education. So stay tuned for more information and let’s start the journey together.

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