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One Year Blogging


In reality when I look back, I have been writing a blog since the start of 2022, but officially released the platform to share the blog in 2023. The question I get quite frequently is why I started the blog? What the goal of the blog is? While I understood why I started it last year, I did not fully understand the goal of the blog until 6-8 months into it. The why? – prior to coming to Canada, numerous people were asking me how I started the foundation for example? how I managed to get in University of Waterloo? What the vision of the Young Eye is? Can I share the stories and insights behind everything?
While I got the same questions from different people, I found that providing a space to house all this information would make it easier to do the two things I set out to do – inform today, inspire tomorrow. My initial design was inspired by bigthink, and I decided to put this together and give it a go, one year later, as I reflect, this is what I have learnt over the past 12 months.

What Is A Blog?


Before I reflect, I wanted to define what a blog is, or at least what I now understand it to be. A blog is much more than a collection of posts on the internet. It’s a platform for sharing ideas, experiences, and knowledge to a targeted niche. A blog can be a living, breathing entity in the digital world, constantly evolving with every post and share. I view it as a vessel for the initiatives launched – particularly Young Eye Initiative, and a powerful way to build a personal or professional brand.

Why I Started Blogging


Exactly one year ago, I embarked on a blogging journey, driven by a passion for sharing my  perspective and insights. Blogging presented an opportunity to carve out a little corner of the internet where I could explore topics I’m passionate about, share insights on how numerous things have been accomplished or continue to be accomplished. Whether it was to share a personal story, offer advice, or simply muse about the world, the blog became my canvas. As I went on writing, with a wide array of ideas, I realized that it is important to streamline and identify a niche, that makes it easier to blog as it becomes an effective way to publish.

Identifying a Niche in the Market


The key to a successful blog, I quickly learned, was finding my niche. This meant diving deep into subjects I was not only passionate about but also areas where I could offer something unique – my experiences. Whether it was the intersection of knowledge and finance, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship, or the nuances of my journey, finding my niche was about discovering where my passions met the needs and interests of my audience. It’s about carving out a space where your voice isn’t just heard, but eagerly anticipated.

Understanding SEO


Harnessing the power of social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was a game-changer. Social media platforms were invaluable for promoting content, engaging with my audience, and expanding my reach. I started the blog by simply writing and resharing on my LinkedIn, but I quickly realised after 3 months that the blog as an entity needs its own social media pages. I am still in the process of learning to craft posts that resonated with my audience, and engaged in meaningful conversations.
SEO, on the other hand, was about understanding how to make my blog more visible in search engine results. This involved using the right keywords, optimizing my website’s speed and mobile-friendliness, and consistently producing high-quality content. The combination of social media savviness and SEO awareness brought my blog out of obscurity and into the spotlight. I am proud to say I have 6 blogs on the front page of google!

Using Google Console and Google Analytics


Data became my compass. I needed to understand what was working and what wasn’t. Google Console and Google Analytics became my best friends when it came to the blog, they provided insights into how my blog is performing, what content resonated with my audience, and where there was room for improvement. I learned to interpret data on page views, user count, average  weekly and daily use ,audience demographics and much more. This data helped tailor my content strategy, improve user experience, and grow the blog’s reach.



Blogging is not without its challenges. There were days when inspiration seemed to dry up, when the traffic stats plateaued, or when it felt like I was writing into the void. But the key to overcoming these low days was consistency. Despite all this, towards the end of 2023, as I reviewed the performance, I decided to keeping a regular posting schedule, plan ahead of time and I mean months ahead, and continually refining my approach kept the blog alive and thriving, even during tough times.

Future of The Blog


One of the most exciting aspects of blogging has been exploring its potential as a business. Affiliate marketing is slowly emerging as a lucrative avenue. By partnering with brands and products that aligned with my niche and values, I might have the potential to monetize the blog in a way that feels authentic and helps to continue to add value to my audience.
But beyond the financial aspect, the true power of blogging lies in its ability to inform, inspire, and connect – the mission. My blog is becoming a space for sharing knowledge, sparking inspiration, and building a community. Maybe next year it will fully become a platform for change, for growth, and for connection.

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