Why We Should Support Each Other

Support each other

Power of Collaboration and Support


I recently had an interesting conversation with one of my mentors, Agapi Gessesse, the executive director of CEE Center for Young Black Professionals, Canada. They are a charity that addresses the economic and social barriers affecting black youth. The conversation was focused on empowering young black youth: navigating culture, leadership and advocacy. Among the many insightful topics explored, the one key thing that struck me towards the end was when she alluded to young people working together. She reiterated that in this world, you can only ever get what you give, this was in the context, if you want support you are going to have to support someone along your journey.

This got me thinking about the issue around why we struggle to support our own, but are quick to support individuals that we do not know. I understand that through their work, they might have moved you or sparked something within you to support them, but they also had people close to them that supported them to get to that point. So in our generation, why do we struggle to support each other?

As young people, we possess boundless potential and untapped capabilities. We are the torchbearers of tomorrow, entrusted with shaping the world we will inherit. To bring about positive change, it is imperative that we embrace the power of collaboration, supporting one another on our respective journeys.

We are the future


We are constantly hearing this, and it is undeniable that we, the young generation, hold the key to the future. Our thoughts, actions, and choices today will shape the world for generations to come. Wouldn’t you want to live in a world that focuses on propelling each other? This can only happen if we understand that we need to work together now to build the future we envision. Recognizing this immense responsibility, it becomes crucial for us to stand united and harness our collective potential. We are the architects of progress, and by supporting each other, we can create a better future for all.

Working Together for Great Achievements


There is nothing that I have done to this point that does not include working with other people at any scale. Individually, we possess unique skills, perspectives, and ideas. However, I believe that only through collaboration can we unlock our full potential and achieve great things. When we come together, pooling our talents and knowledge, we create a synergy that propels us forward. By sharing our experiences, offering guidance, and collaborating on progressive projects, we build our collective ability to tackle complex problems and have meaningful change.

Support Each Other: Your time will come


In a competitive world, it can be tempting to focus solely on personal success. However, true success lies not just in our individual accomplishments but also in how we uplift and support others. It is essential to remember that success is not a finite resource, and someone else’s achievement does not diminish your own potential. By supporting your people, even when it may not be our turn to shine, we create a culture of empowerment and collaboration. When we lift others up, we foster an environment that celebrates collective victories, ensuring that when our time comes, we too will receive the support we need.

The Power of Belief and Active Pursuit


Belief in oneself and one’s ideas is the cornerstone of progress. As young people, it is important to trust your instincts, believe in our abilities, and actively work towards our goals. However, it is equally important to remember that success rarely comes overnight. By actively supporting others in their pursuits, we not only strengthen our relationships but also foster an ecosystem of encouragement and inspiration. This is key for networking, as I explain in my blog – “How to build and maintain a Professional Network“. As we see others achieving their dreams, we are reminded that our aspirations are attainable too. Through collective belief and active engagement, we can amplify the impact of our ideas and create lasting change.

In the grand scheme of things, although I express these thoughts, I hope to avoid falling victim to everything that has been spoken. I know that the world possesses the power to influence and transform individuals into unrecognizable people. But stay true to what you set out to do and focus your energy of doing things right, block the negativity, grow with your people and try make a difference. It will all work out, at least I believe one day it will.

My podcast with Agapi Gessesse can be found here – Empowering Young Black Youth: Navigating culture, leadership and advocacy.

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