What Does It Mean to Follow Your Passion?

Follow Your Passion

The Journey of Following Your Passion


On the Young Eye International podcast, my third guest was the profound, ambitious and charismatic young woman from India, Palakh Khanna. She is the Founder and CEO of Break.The.Ice, a Youth Organization working towards an open discussion on taboo topics, making individuals aware of these topics and actually having an open conversation about it

What intrigued me from the 30-minute interview I had with her is the fact that at a young age she diligently follows her passion. As a young entrepreneur, it can be hard to navigate understanding what your passion is, why you should follow your passion or essentially what it means to follow your passion. The last couple of days as I pondered on really understanding this thing about passion and why some people find it early and others do not, I figured that I should explore the idea of following your passion.

In a world brimming with opportunities and endless possibilities, finding one’s passion is akin to uncovering a hidden treasure.

Discovering Your Passion


To follow your passion, you must first discover it. Identifying what truly ignites a spark within you requires introspection, self-awareness, and honestly, sometimes, a leap of faith. You need to explore different interests, hobbies, and activities, because they can lead you to your true calling. But, always embrace the possibility of change, because I’ve been told that passions may evolve as you grow and experience life.

Pursuing Authenticity


The most valuable lesson I have learnt is that, following your passion is not about chasing trends or appeasing societal norms. It involves a deep desire to live authentically and align your actions, ideas, thoughts and initiatives with your values. This authenticity acts as the compass guiding your journey, allowing you to remain true to yourself, even in the face of challenges.

Navigating Obstacles


Nothing comes without challenges, embarking on the path of passion is not without obstacles. There will be doubts, setbacks, and numerous moments of uncertainty. It is during these trying times that your commitment to your passion will be tested. We have got to learn how to embrace failures as stepping stones to success, personally I am on this journey to understanding this, because I know that learning from them allows you to use the experience to fuel your determination.

Trusting the Process


Following your passion is a process, not an overnight success. It involves consistent effort, continuous learning, and the willingness to embrace the journey’s twists and turns. Each step forward, no matter how small, contributes to your growth and progress in ways that you cannot imagine or might not see. But believe and trust that the work you are doing is making a difference exponentially.

Pursuing Excellence


Passion drives excellence. Someone that is deeply passionate about something naturally invest more time and energy into honing their skills and knowledge in order to achieve their dream. The pursuit of excellence becomes an inherent part of your journey, leading you to achieve mastery in your chosen field.

Fostering Resilience


Resilience is the cornerstone of following your passion. It enables you to bounce back from failures and disappointments, rekindling the fire within you. Cultivate a resilient mindset, understanding that challenges are a natural part of the process, and they do not define your worth or potential.

Impacting Others


Following your passion often extends beyond personal fulfillment; it has the potential to impact the lives of others positively. Your passion can inspire and motivate others, sparking a chain reaction of empowerment and creativity in the world around you.

My blog on how the start of the Young Eye Foundation started off as an idea to impact is a testament to this and can be read here: From Idea to Impact: How I started my foundation.

Finding Balance


Passion can be all-consuming, blurring the line between personal and professional life. Strive to find a balance that nourishes both your passion and well-being. Ensure you have time for rest, reflection, and spending time with loved ones to prevent burnout and maintain a sustainable path.

Cultivating Patience


Patience is a virtue often tested when pursuing your passion. Overnight success stories are rare, and most achievements require considerable time and effort. Cultivate patience to stay committed to your passion, even during times when progress seems slow.

Embracing change


Passions may change or evolve over time. Embrace this evolution, and be open to exploring new paths that align with your values and interests. Following your passion is not a rigid destination; it is a dynamic and continuous journey.

In a nutshell, following your passion can be a difficult thing, but it is not impossible. It involves self-discovery, resilience, authenticity, and the courage to embrace change. The journey may be challenging, but it is filled with growth, purpose, and the potential to make a positive impact on the world. So, dare to follow your passion, and let it guide you to heights you once thought were unattainable!

I would suggest listening in to my candid conversation with Ms. Palakh Khanna: Breaking Barriers, Taboo Topics and Impactful Engagement.

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