Money is an Idea

Money is an Idea

What does money really mean?


Renowned writer Robert Kiyosaki said money is an intangible idea. What did he mean by this? When I came across this in his book, the cashflow quadrant, I found that his analogy was intended to give us a different perspective on how we look at money.

Money is an idea, which directly translates to the fact that it is not a tangible thing, but a concept we have created in our minds. As strange as this sounds, it makes sense, and I go on to stretch it further to say that in creating the things I have been able to I have trained myself to see money with my mind, not my eyes.

Money is something that has been around for centuries and is rarely thought of as an idea rather than something solid and tangible. But in reality, money is just an idea. Money does not really exist in any physical form, but is used to represent value. Money can be seen as just a system of rules and regulations that we’ve defined to determine how much value we should attach to something.

The idea of money has changed over the years and continues to change, nowadays there is an ever-growing variety of ways in which individuals, companies, and even governments can generate, manage, and use money. It’s an idea that people are always refining and expanding, and new currencies, payment methods, and technological tools are coming out all the time.

In simple terms, money is also a tool that is used to influence behavior. Governments have used it to influence a certain portion of society, such as when they offer subsidies to industries or target certain groups with financial programs. Companies also use it as a tool to attract customers, promote products and services, and reward employees.

The idea of money is constantly evolving and will likely continue to change in the future. The key to not becoming a slave to money or coveting it is to train the mind to focus on the things that bring about the money you want. This means focusing on your dreams, careers and professions and actively chasing that, the “bag” will follow suit.

As young adults it is key we understand this perspective of money but then use it to become financially literate. My thoughts on this can be found here: Why Financial literacy is key for young adults?

In my opinion, this idea has been responsible for shaping the world in which we live. By understanding how money works and how it can be used to our advantage, we can all benefit from its power.

Link to novel: Cashflow quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom


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