Managing the Transition

Are you getting ready to go study in Canada?

Coming to Canada

Managing the transition is here to help you and your child manage the transition process of preparing to study and work in Canada.

In 2020, I embarked on my Canadian education journey. In 2021, my parents dropped me off at Entebbe airport, where I embarked on a solo flight to Canada, with a layover in Amsterdam. The experience was filled with a mix of emotions, as the exposure to a new culture and the uncertainty of the unknown overwhelmed me. However, I managed to navigate through it all and figure things out along the way.

Now, I would like to share my journey with you and provide guidance on managing the transition from education abroad. Managing the transition serves as a vessel for parents and students to effectively prepare, navigate and adapt living in Canada.


Support students in their journey towards settling down in a new country by providing them with necessary information, resources, and assistance to ease their transition and enhance their overall experience!


Cultural Adaptation: Adjusting and modifying your behaviour and attitude to effectively function and integrate into a different cultural environment. Topics include; Cultural differences.

Practical Considerations: Understanding the tangible and logistical aspects that are addressed to ensure a smooth transition and successful integration into a new environment. Topics include; Immigration process in Toronto, employment and education.

Lifestyle and Wellbeing: Understanding the physical, emotional and social aspects that contribute to a balanced and fulfilling life in a new environment. Topics include; Housing and cost of living, health-care and social services, weather and climate.

Social Integration and Growth: The process of establishing connections, building relationships and actively participating in social aspect of a new community. Topics include; building networks, overcoming home-sickeness, personal safety, personal growth and resilience.

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